About Us

We are a printing and stationery supply company based here in Nairobi with modern press machines, computers and qualified disciplined staff in printing production. We are also an indigenous entity registered under the Company Act Cap 486 Laws of Kenya.

The company was registered in 1986 under the Registration of Business Names Act Cap 499 and later incorporated as a a private liability company in 1999. The company is fully compliant with all government statutory requirements


Our Vision

To Engage in expansion,while adopting to new innovations in the Printing industry.


Mission Statement

We aspire to understand our clients' needs and requirements, supply quality goods and services in good order and condition in cost effective way and in the shortest time possible while maintaining high standard



Our Core Values/ Corporate Values

  •  Team work
  •  Fairness to employees and customers
  •  Cleanliness
  •  Environmental friendly